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High Integrity
AutomatedVPS is proud to announce the availiblity of Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. This is the most reliable and easiest Windows Server operating system Microsoft has ever released!
Microsoft technologies combined with AutomatedVPS's outstanding infrastructure ensures a fast and reliable enviroment for your mission critical sites and services to run on.

AutomatedVPS now has 4 Data Center locations across the United States. We are proud to utilize only top grade enterprise server and network hardware along with primium ISP contracts to give you outstanding reliability with fast network routes. Not all ISPs will give the best route to your destination so AutomatedVPS has contracted 27 ISP routes on BGP4 for automatic failover and balancing. This technology allows your sites and services to load faster than ever with industry standard reliability.

Why AutomatedVPS?

AutomatedVPS is a reliable hosting company connected to many Tier 1 providors in NYC, Chicago, Jacksonville, and NJ. NYC, our primary location, is an ideal hosting location as it's one of the most wired cities for both US and non-US internet traffic. We have earned a wonderful reputation for performance, reliability, and customer service.