Our Data Center

Automated VPS's primary state of the art data center facility located on the east coast of the United States, NYC1 is a 55,000 sq foot data center and is constructed in such a manner to withstand earthquakes, extreme weather conditions, and external power failures. Security is top notch and your data is protected via 24/7 guards and remotely monitored internal and external video and network surveillance.

Data Center Building

Data Center entry is based on a highly secure biometricentry system. All data center access is logged and monitored, ID is presented electronically upon entrance to the facility, and no movement goes without notice. The data center is built head to toe with the customer in mind, in addition to its quality construction and security systems, it accommodates co-location client’s needs with full lunch/break room facilities for those clients working longer then they my otherwise prefer.

Network Operation Center

In the heart of the datacenter lays the Network Operation Center or NOC for short. This is the area housing computer systems, and no expense was spared in seeing things were done right. In the Network Operation Center, the core of the data center, you will find a wide variety of aspects that signify the quality of data storage facilities. Upon initial entry you'll notice the raised flooring permitting underground utility runs and perhaps most importantly air condition venting. Cooling systems increase efficiency and lowers rack temperatures by pumping cool air into the bottom of the rack, and exhausting the hot air from the top. This constant flow of cool air insures your systems operate at optimal temperature, increasing component life, and further increasing system stability. Over head, you will find well organized top of the line ladder and cable run systems. Some data centers took to adding systems and running cables, with no though to organization resulting in a 'spider web' or "spaghetti factory" that is nearly impossible to manage. Extensive measures are taken in organization and labeling to ensure quick scalability, prompt wiring maintenance, and testing times. As a disaster prevention measure, state of the art fire suppression systems are in place to isolate and extinguish a fire related environment situation.

Environmental Control

Cooling, is an important part of the environment, and often over looked by some facilities due to environmental system operating costs. HVAC Environmental Control units ensures all equipment is kept cool, and at proper humidity levels. The network operation center is kept at a chilling 68 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 3 Degrees).


Power, one of the two essential elements of any internet based system, is made available to systems with a number of power support measures. First and for most, as anyone dealing with electrical circuits knows, proper grounding is a key element to a good electrical connection. All Data Center racks and electrical equipment is connected via heavy duty cables to massive copper ground blocks, thus ensuring a proper electrical connection. Additionally, in the matter of power redundancy, electrical systems are backed initially by uninterruptible power supply battery units. These units become active in the event of utility power inconsistency or interruption. Under brown out conditions, which is a low or inconsistent utility power state, these devices activate to keep a steady flow of operational power. Battery units themselves are designed to keep the network running for hours, however, in the event an extended utility outage occurs there batteries would eventually deplete, there fore we have implemented automatic transfer switches (ATS) which, in the event of power failure activate regularly tested in house generator units that feed power to the battery backup system. Additionally, data center fueling contracts insure the diesel generators have a consistent supply of petrol to operate. A tanker truck is no more then 2 hours away in a crises situation.


Ultimately every machine needs a home, the structures housing such machines (there homes) are our custom configured racks. Rack sizes vary, though all in the 19” post range, there available in one third, one half, and full rack configurations. All racks are locked via combination code; rack codes cycle in accordance with customer and personal shifts to further ensure no unwanted server access is made possible. All rack configurations are heavily grounded and properly ventilated to ensure proper system operation. Mount screws are made readily available at different points in the NOC to provide for securing your server or server rails to the rack.


Our network connets to a blend of multiple back bone providers to ensure you have the best possible connection. Our extensive networks include providers such as Verio, Glbx, and Aleron, and eWan. A multitude of peering points such as MAE-West, LINX, MAE-East, NYIIX, to name a few, provide for a diverse network connectivity structure that permits superior performance, and improved uptime.


Our network is built around redundancy, through our multi homed configuration, we have reduced possibilities of internet connectivity interruption, and improve data transit routes, insuring your data is transferred to it's destination in the shortest and quickest way possible. BGP is utilized to span your connection across multiple provider lines, in the unlikely event one backbone provider were to loose connectivity, BGP would re-router traffic around the problem, keeping your network connection alive and free of packet loss. Internal switching is handled threw a variety of foundry fast iron switches, and network core routing is preformed by foundry big iron routers. This complex design offers an unsurpassed level of redundancy and reliability.